Tips & Tricks to grow your Instagram Account in 2023

Whats Instagram SEO ?

It’s optimizing your profile and content to help IG show to the right people. it entirely relies on the keyword to improve the way you rank on Search and get featured on Explorer Page. this is the same as Google works

I will tell you 4 simple steps for optimizing your IG profile.


Optimize your Profile for search 🔎

IG Handle: niche keyword + name


there’s a reason behind keeping this handle, you will have to keep it after proper research.

IG Title: name + niche keyword

Eg: Danish Majeed | Digital Marketer


Add Relevant keywords in your caption.📝

In the past, the Instagram search did not consider keywords in captions but now the algorithm is changing and it helps show your content to the ideal audience. they should be related or linked to your niche and describe the content you share and post. This is good news for those brands since it gives people a better chance to find your content without searching for your specific account name.


Write ALT Text 💬

Alt text is used to describe your pictures for those visual impairments and it can also be used for SEO.

when you are posting, tap on “advanced settings” and then scroll down to “Write alt text” as shown in the image.

Add 4-5 lines that describe what the picture is all about. no need to spend too much time on this.


Use Relevant Hashtags #️⃣

Stop filling your timeline with hashtags. need 3-4 sets of different hashtags or ideally 10-15 hashtags is enough to feed the algorithm.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. But the advice from Instagram is clear: “Don’t use too many hashtags—adding 20-30 hashtags will not help you get additional distribution.”

The last is to maintain your account quality because Instagram search results are also based on the Instagram Recommendations Guidelines. it means accounts that go against these guidelines will appear lower in search results or not appear in search at all. In short, if you violate the Community Guidelines, your content will be removed or will be harder to find.

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