Why Digital Marketing Is Important ?

Digital Marketing is the practice of reaching consumers online through digital channels to turn
them into customers.
If eCommerce aims to sell products online, then digital marketing help businesses make that
happen. Digital Marketing also helps businesses build trust, inspire loyalty, and better serve
their customers.
The advantages of Digital Marketing can be very specific about serving suitable ads to the right audiences at the right moment. It can also be,
Cost-Effective & Faster Results
Adapts to new technologies
Reaches target audiences with more precision
Digital ads can be selectively shown to people who are more likely to have an interest in that
product or service. Digital marketing that is more strategically focused on the right people
yields a better return on spending.
Digital marketing adapts to new technologies. There are always new opportunities to reach
customers in different ways, especially compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing
tools also enable companies to collect data and measure the results of their marketing efforts
more effectively.
Ad visibility and audience coverage can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and
goals. When you reach the right audiences, you’re more likely to increase sales and develop
sustainable customer loyalty programs.
How Digital Marketing Creates Value Over 60% of the global population is online, and more people are joining them every day.
That’s why every business, big or small, needs an online presence to be competitive.
Your target audience needs to know you exist, how you can help them, and what makes you
different from the competition. Breaking through this crowded field and reaching potential
customers— that’s where digital marketing comes in.
A successful digital marketing effort guides all of the company’s customer interactions. It
allows companies to think strategically about how to reach customers through digital
channels before, during, and after a purchase.
It can be harder to measure the value of these activities, but a well-coordinated strategy
allows businesses to thrive online and even grow.
Well-planned digital strategy built awareness, trust, and loyalty.
Digital Marketing is to Sell Online?
Digital marketing is bigger than sales. It’s only one piece of what digital marketing can do for
companies. Individual sales are easy to measure, but they don’t mean much if the target
audience doesn’t trust the brand or customers don’t come back for a second, third, or fourth
Digital Marketing is focused on Inclusive Marketing techniques which is the practice of
improving representation and belonging within the marketing and advertising materials that
an organization creates.
Why Inclusive Marketing Matters

If a company focuses its marketing exclusively on a specific age group, gender, ethnicity, or
other identity traits, they’re likely missing out on reaching potential customers. By
approaching marketing decisions with a focus on inclusion, a company can positively and
authentically market to the diversity that exists in their audience, and the world.
Inclusive marketing takes a further step by seeking to understand how parts of the target
the audience has been excluded, stereotyped, or misrepresented in the past.
Gathering information about the audience’s demographics can help to broaden their
perspective. It’s also important to consider the demographics of people who have yet to be
customers. These people may not use or even know about the company’s products or services
because the company’s marketing efforts have yet to reach them. By understanding their
needs and desires, a brand can find a way to reach this group of people in a way that matters
to them.
Digital Marketers think deeply about the audience and their needs and ensure their
perspectives and stories are brought to life through the company’s marketing and advertising
The advertising journey of a brand depends on how strong its marketing funnel is. It is the
the process through which people go from first learning about a brand to becoming loyal
The funnel is wide at the top and narrows toward the bottom because of a lot of potentials
customers will enter the top of the funnel, but only some of them will reach the bottom to
become loyal customers.
Marketing Funnel has four stages: AWARENESS, CONSIDERATION, CONVERSION,

This is when a potential customer encounters a brand for the first time, maybe from an ad or
a recommendation. At this stage, the customer probably doesn’t know enough about that
company to form an opinion. They’re just aware it exists.
Awareness is the widest tier because even though a lot of people might know about a
company, only some of them will think about doing business with them. That’s why it’s
important to raise as much awareness as possible among target audiences.
This is when some potential customers from the awareness stage start to think about doing
business with a company. At this point, they could be actively browsing the website or
comparing different brands, so making a good impression is key.
Conversion is when someone decides to make a purchase and become a customer. To
increase the chances of conversion, businesses should demonstrate their value and provide a
user-friendly experience.
It takes a huge amount of effort to move potential customers from awareness to conversion.
Once a customer completes a purchase, businesses must give them reasons to return. Making
current customers happy can increase trust and keep them coming back for years to come.

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